What is the purpose of an original bill of lading?

What is the purpose of an original bill of lading?

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What is the purpose of an original bill of lading?

Excellent question! Every document that is required serves an important purpose, including the original bill of lading. During the export process via ocean, the steamship line will issue three original bills of lading and multiple non-negotiable copies after the shipment has been officially confirmed on board. In order to the consignee to gain release of the shipment upon reaching the destination, at least one original bill must be signed on the back by the importer or their agent and surrendered back to the steamship line. As long as the shipper retains the original bills, the shipper may receive payment prior to the official release of the originals to the consignee/buyer. Many importers either prepay or have credit terms with their supplies to enable shipments to be released on express bills. Usually, express bills are a paperless system, which reduces costs because couriers aren’t needed, and enables the final delivery of the shipment to be expedited.

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