Visit our office in Los Angeles, CA for in-person service

Visit our office in Los Angeles, CA for in-person service

Are you thinking about starting to import or export goods in 2019? You may be feeling rather bewildered by the whole process, especially as you realize how many forms you’ll have to fill out and file and fees you’ll need to pay properly and on-time. Whew! It’s daunting for anyone who hasn’t exported or imported items before. But you’ll be comforted when you find out that there’s no reason to do it on your own – enlist the experts at Customs Clearance Intl.! We are the importing and exporting experts, and we serve all points of entry into and out of the US. If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, you’ll be thrilled to find out that we actually have an office here that you’ll be able to visit and receive in-person assistance with all your import and export needs. Our staff has plenty of experience and we’ll make the import and export processes as simple and streamlined as possible for you so you won’t have to stress out about a thing!

Your Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder

At Customs Clearance Intl. we offer a whole range of services that we’ve designed to make sure the import and export process is as easy to manage as possible. We specialize in the following customs broker services:

  • Importing and exporting commercial goods, household goods and personal effects, wearing apparel, vehicles, and electronics
  • Making door to door freight arrangements (air and ocean)
  • Domestic trucking
  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs bonds

Important forms

Want to start filling out some essential forms? If you’re importing household goods, personal effects, or commercial goods, click here to find the forms you’ll need to fill out.

Request a quote today

If you’d like to know more about our services and learn about our rates, we invite you to contact us today. You can come to one of our offices in Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, or San Francisco, CA. Or you can fill out this Request a Quote or Quick Contact form. We look forward to answering your questions and meeting your needs very soon! Let us handle all the burdensome paperwork and pesky fees so you can focus on other essential tasks. We’re import and export experts and we would be happy to provide you with excellent services for all US ports of entry via ground, ocean, rail, or air.

Customs Clearance Intl. started in Los Angeles with 3 customs agents in 2000, and thanks to the progress we have made since then, we now have 3 locations with plenty of customs agents to meet our clients’ needs every day. We can solve even the most challenging logistics requirements for all kinds of shipments. Contact us today!

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