Visit our office in Houston, TX for in-person service

Visit our office in Houston, TX for in-person service

Houston, TX, is considered by many to be a hub for all kinds of essential industries – aerospace, medicine, fashion, gastronomy, and so many more. This city has the 4th largest population in the US, and the largest in the South. Greater Houston is amazingly diverse, with over 145 languages spoken by city residents (source). If you operate a business in the city of Houston or any of its many suburbs, then you may need to import or export goods on a regular basis or every so often. For all kinds of customs broker services, turn to Customs Clearance Intl.. We have 3 offices, one of which is in Houston, TX – and we would be happy to meet your needs. Don’t try to handle all the complicated details and cumbersome paperwork yourself – save so much time and hassle by enlisting the experts at Customs Clearance Intl..

Import and export simply with Customs Clearance Intl.

Skip all the stress of importing and exporting goods from Houston, TX, by establishing a partnership with Customs Clearance Intl. today. We have all the expertise and industry-specific knowledge to make sure your shipment arrives without a single hitch. You’ll be able to rest assured that all the necessary paperwork has been filled out, all required fees have been paid on-time, and there are no loose ends when you depend on Customs Clearance Intl. at all points of your export and import processes.

We offer the following services for anyone importing or exporting in Houston, TX, or at any other US point of entry via air, ocean, rail, or truck:

  • Door to door transportation
  • Licensed Customs Broker (ACE)
  • Licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder (OTI # 019736F)
  • Warehousing Distribution
  • Packing and Crating
  • Customs Bonds
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Duty Drawback
  • LTL/FTL Domestic Truck Service
  • Freight Payments Audits
  • Freight Consolidation Services
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) at all US ports of entry via air, ocean, rail, or truck

Don’t just take our word for it!

As a savvy businessman or businesswoman, you know that you can’t just accept information at face value – it has to come from a trustworthy source. That’s why we invite you to check out these recent reviews from very happy customers (scroll down to read). Also ask around to friends and business contacts who have worked with Customs Clearance Intl.. We’re confident that the vast majority of them will unabashedly extoll the virtues of working with Customs Clearance Intl.. Then find out for yourself – contact us today by 1-310-322-3228. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a custom estimate for any import or export shipment you plan to send or receive.

Houston, TX, office contact info

Ready to start working with us? Many Houstonians appreciate the convenience of working with us in-person at our local office in Houston, TX. The address is: 521 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E,#210
Houston, TX 77060. David Sudduth is our General Manager at this location – don’t hesitate to ask him or anyone else there any questions you have about importing or exporting goods. Call 1-281-445-9779 to get in touch with the Houston, TX, office today.

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