Top 5 Reasons to Add Customs Clearance International to Your Gratitude List this Thanksgiving

Top 5 Reasons to Add Customs Clearance International to Your Gratitude List this Thanksgiving

There are so many reasons our clients give when remarking to others about the difference Customs Clearance Intl. has made during the export and import process. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 reasons people love partnering with Customs Clearance Intl. during the holiday season and all year long.

  1. We take care of it.
  2. We offer a wide range of excellent services for importers and exporters that are specifically selected to make this process as simple and stress-free for our clients. We offer packing services, we’ll fill out plenty of forms on your behalf, and we always provide our services with a smile. Rest assured that you’ll never have an easier, smoother export and import experience than when you partner with Customs Clearance Intl.. Get started today by calling 1-310-322-3228!

  3. We know what we’re talking about.
  4. We have so many years of experience in the import and export industry, and so many businesses have relied on us to meet their needs that we have our processes down to a science. If you have questions at any time during the import or export experience, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-310-322-3228 or email We’ll gladly put our expertise for you and answer your questions fully and clearly so you can be confident going forward.

  5. YOU matter.
  6. We’re not like some other customs brokers who you have to chase down to get answers to your questions and updates on your shipments. When you partner with Customs Clearance Intl. for your export or import, you’ll always be treated as a top priority. No matter how big or small your shipment may be, you’ll always receive diligent attention when you choose Customs Clearance Intl. as your customs broker.

  7. We ship via air, ocean, and ground through all US ports of entry.
  8. Some other customs brokers specialize in certain ways of shipping items, but we do it all. Our specialty is shipping items (either export or import) in all ways! Whichever way you prefer, we can make it happen. And if you’re not sure which way is the best way to ship your items, don’t worry – we’d be happy to make an expert recommendation based on over years in this industry.

  9. You want it? We can do it.
  10. We are always happy to meet your needs. If needed, we can custom adjust our services to meet your specifications. At Customs Clearance Intl., you matter – your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you’re like most of our clients, once you rely on us once, you’ll never go back to working with any other customs broker, and you’ll recommend us to everyone you know. It really is that special to work with Customs Clearance Intl. for all your import and export needs!

Get started today! Contact us by calling 1-310-322-3228 or emailing We look forward to assisting you soon and becoming your go-to customs broker.

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