Looking for a Reliable Freight Forwarder?

Looking for a Reliable Freight Forwarder?

When you need to import or export freight, the process can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many forms that need to be filled out, fees that need to be paid, and more. But you don’t have to go it alone – in fact, you shouldn’t! Customs Clearance Intl. is the reliable, trustworthy freight forwarder you need to handle all your import and export needs. We have the expertise and highly specialized knowledge to make your import and export process as smooth as silk so you won’t have to stress out at all. Our range of services include:

  • Door to door transportation
  • Licensed Customs Broker (ACE)
  • Licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder (OTI #019736F)
  • Via Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail
  • Warehousing Distribution
  • Packing and Crating services
  • Customs Bonds
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Duty Drawback
  • LTL/FTL Domestic Truck Service (MC #811192)
  • Freight Payments Audits
  • Freight Consolidation Services
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) at all US ports of entry via air, ocean, rail, or truck

When you call Customs Clearance Intl. at 1-310-322-3228 and speak with one of our expert staff members, you’ll immediately notice how well you are being treated. We speak with absolute courtesy and respect, and we’re always happy to answer your questions about the import and export process. Don’t rely on anyone else for all your freight forwarding needs anywhere in the US!

Your import and export experts

We are the US’ favorite customs brokerage company. We specialize in the import and export of all kinds of items including commercial good, household goods and personal effects, wearing apparel, electronics, and vehicles. Let us handle the entire process on your behalf so you’ll be able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your items as soon as they arrive to their destination safely and without a hitch. We made door to door freight arrangements via air and ocean, provide domestic trucking services, and sell cargo insurance and customs bonds.

Request a quote

Now is the perfect time to request a quote for your shipment. We invite you to request one by filling out this form. We’ll just need some basic information – whether you want to import to or export from the USA, whether you’re sending items via air or ocean, whether LCL applies, and if you’re sending full containers. We’ll also need some other helpful information such as the items’ value in USD, total number of packages/cartons, weight per carton (in lbs or kgs), dimensions of carton (in inches or cm), the selling/buying terms, and any other information you’d like to provide or questions you’d like to ask.

Also check out these forms for shipping commercial goods or household goods/personal effects.

As always, you can contact us by calling 1-310-322-3228 or emailing William@cciusa.net. And check out our FAQ page for answers to many common questions. We’re here to help make your import and export experience a complete breeze – contact us today!

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